Mobile Computing Solutions Increase Patient Safety and Improves Work Conditions


AUSTIN, TX and SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL – In 2011, the Samaritano Hospital of São Paulo, Brazil, implemented a mix of mobile computingsolutions, including Motion® C5v Tablet PCs, notebooks and carts on wheels (COWs), for real-time access to electronic medical records (EMRs) throughout the hospital. The mobile devices are an integral part of the hospital’s effort to increase patient safety and improve work conditions for clinicians, effectively modernizing the care process. The devices were chosen because they were configured specifically for the hospital environment and in line with infection control protocols.

The C5v Tablet PCs are used throughout several departments, including the intensive care units – smaller areas which require greater mobility – and the pharmacy. The tablet PCs are also used for specific activities, such as medication administration and patient guidance during the discharge process. A combination of notebooks and COWs from Inventmade are used in some of the larger departments where it is necessary to tend to various beds during a single trip from the nursing station.

According to Klaiton Simão, IT general manager of Samaritano Hospital, by the end of 2012, every unit in the 313-bed facility will be equipped with the mobile devices. “In addition to sharing information between the pharmacy and the nursing station, the team is using these tools to verify the correct time and dosage during medication administration by using a barcode scanner to access the information via a barcode on the patient’s wristband," explains Simão.

In addition, the mobile devices allow clinicians to update patient records at the bedside, providing faster and safer patient care through real-time access to information. “The mobile technology brings the nursing station to practically every bed," highlights Simão.

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