Onsite: The iPad Revolution at The Ottawa Hospital

Planning to distribute up to 1800 iPads across its three campuses by mid-2011, The Ottawa Hospital is in the midst of one of the largest rollouts to date of mobile tablet devices over a large medical community. The pilot program, launched in 2010 with a mobile EMR application developed by a local startup founded by recent university graduates, was such a success that CIO Dale Potter is now facing more demand for the iPads than his team can keep up with.

The primary benefits of the iPad pilot include instant access to information, the ability to share data and images with patients and family at the bedside, and secure, wireless, remote access to EMRs.

Based on extensive interviews with Ottawa Hospital physicians, nursing directors, and IT managers, “The iPad Revolution at The Ottawa Hospital” supplies thorough documentation on the Ottawa iPad pilot, details the planning and decision-making processes, and explores the path forward for tablet-based mobility in large hospital settings.

  • Main Report: The Ottawa Hospital’s iPad Revolution
  • Q&A: CIO Dale Potter
  • Mobile Software Development Strategy
  • Improving Performance Through Mobile Technology
  • Photo Gallery
  • Network Architecture Diagram